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Plugin adds “Send” and “Close” buttons to conversation window.

Conversation window


  • Close button hides or close conversation.
  • Close button hides (or closes) all conversations.
  • Hide (or close) conversation (or all conversations) after sending message.

“Send” button is disabled if the text entry field is absent at least one character (ie if there is nothing to send).

Options now available through the menu “Options”:
Options in menu

Also in the “Conversation” menu added one more useful item – “Close All” (Ctrl+Shift+W), which allows you to close (or hide, depending on the settings of the plug) all open windows conversations:
Close All

The plugin is based on the code of another plug-in – “Send Button”.

Current version: 1.5

Compatibility: Pidgin 2.* для Linux/Windows.


  1. English (VaYurik)
  2. Russian (VaYurik)
  3. Czech (Lukas Francalek)
  4. German (Siggi0904)
  5. Polish (Krystian Maksymowicz)

Known bugs:

  1. None. Only not known:).

Known conflicts:

  1. With plugin ManualSize – text entry field may be smaller than it should be.

License: GPL.

Installing from source for Linux:

  1. Download pidgin-toobuttons-1.5.tar.gz (313 KB);
  2. Extract;
  3. Change folder to pidgin-toobuttons-1.5;
  4. Run in the terminal: ./configure, make, sudo make install;
  5. Start or restart Pidgin;
  6. Go to “Tools/Plugins”, enable “Send’n’Close Buttons”.

Uninstall from source for Linux:

  1. Close Pidgin;
  2. Change folder to pidgin-toobuttons-1.5;
  3. Run in terminal: sudo make uninstall.

Installing from DEB-file for Linux:

  1. Download (10 KB) or (10 KB);
  2. Extract;
  3. Install DEB-file;
  4. Start or restart Pidgin;
  5. Go to “Tools/Plugins”, enable “Send’n’Close Buttons”.

Installing for Windows:

  1. Download (31 KB);
  2. Extract to the directory where you installed Pidgin (for example, C:\Program Files\Pidgin);
  3. Start or restart Pidgin;
  4. Go to “Tools/Plugins”, enable “Send’n’Close Buttons”.

Version 1.5 09/08/11:

  1. Polish translation (thanks to Krystian Maksymowicz).

Version 1.4 11/04/11:

  1. Added menu item “Close All” to menu Conversation;
  2. Added hotkey Ctrl+Shift+W to close all conversations;
  3. Close button can be configured: to hide or to close conversation;
  4. Close button can be configured: to hide (or to close) all conversations or only current conversation;
  5. Send button can be configured: to hide (or to close) conversation(s) after sending message;
  6. Added items to Options menu to configure the plugin.

Version 1.3 02/02/11:

  1. German translation (thanks to Siggi0904).

Version 1.2 22/09/10:

  1. Fixed build script from source and deb-file – translations;
  2. Czech translation (thanks to Lukas Francalek).

Version 1.1 26/03/10:

  1. This version works under Windows too;
  2. Fixed scripts to build the package for Linux from source, in the old version could be a problem with localization.

Version 1.0 03/01/10:

  1. First Public Release.

Links to pages on which I publish information about this plugin:

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