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Plugin adds toolbar and status bar to Pidgin buddy list.

Buddy list

Buttons on the toolbar:

  • add buddy;
  • show or hide offline buddies;
  • show or hide details about buddy;
  • enable or disable sounds;
  • preferences;
  • accounts.

Appearance of the toolbar is configured in the plugin settings.

Through the toolbar context menu you can customize the display of the toolbar, statusbar or cause a dialog to configure the plugin:
Toolbar context menu

Statusbar displays protocol logo combined with a button changes the status and status name, or protocol logo with the overlay on top of his icon status combined with a button changes the status:

In the tips you may receive a username, status name, the text of the status and mood.

Change of status through the menu status or Statusbox.
Depending on the plugin settings, you can change the status as a global…

…and separately for each active account.

If you use the status menu, then you can set moods for all accounts, and for each of them separately.

There you can enter or change the message of each status.

There is a setting type of display information about the current status in the form of compact icons.

Through the context menu, you can call the dialog for configuring the account or turn it off:
Statusbar context menu

In addition, you can hide the main menu, calling it necessary by pressing Alt, Ctrl or F10.

…in which case you may need to see information about received messages in the status bar.

Which of the possible panels show, which buttons display, etc. can be configured in the plugin settings.

And when you right-click on an empty place of contact list is now available a context menu:

Current version: 1.14

Compatibility: Pidgin 2.* for Linux/Windows.


  1. English (VaYurik)
  2. Russian (VaYurik)
  3. Spanish (Acidrums4)
  4. German (Siggi0904 и Dirtsa)
  5. Czech (Lukas Francalek)
  6. French (Louis SCHEIDT)
  7. Polish (Krystian Maksymowicz)

Known bugs:

  1. If you disable the toolbar may generate an error in the debug window. Manifested in some recent versions of libraries. The reason – something broke in GtkToolbar.
  2. In Windows version can be reported to the debug window error in function purple_presence_get_active_status. This is a message – a consequence of some error in the function purple_account_get_active_status and work does not interfere.
  3. If you are using Statusbox to change the status, then in certain conditions, the error message in the debug console. The reason – the bug in the widget pidgin_status_box_new_with_account ().
  4. If you change the state of sounds from the menu in the system tray program shuts down. The reason, I think, lies in the realization of the function curve gtk_toggle_tool_button_set_active ();
  5. When you try to open the main menu in version Pidgin 2.6.6 for Linux with the cursor keys do not. Although the plugin here and do with it 🙂 Or is it just me one such error?

Known conflicts:

  1. With plugin MyStatusBox, because it creates its own version of the widgets, so that the panels are not visible.
  2. With plugin AutoResize, because in it the whole dance is the standard layout of interface elements.

License: GPL.

Installing from source for Linux:

  1. Download pidgin-toobars-1.14.tar.gz (356 KB);
  2. Extract;
  3. Change folder to pidgin-toobars-1.14;
  4. Run in the terminal: ./configure, make, sudo make install;
  5. Start or restart Pidgin;
  6. Go to “Tools/Plugins”, enable “Toolbar’n’Statusbar”.

Uninstall from source for Linux:

  1. Close Pidgin;
  2. Change folder to pidgin-toobars-1.14;
  3. Run in terminal: sudo make uninstall.

Installing from DEB-file for Linux:

  1. Download (52 KB) or (53 KB);
  2. Extract;
  3. Install DEB-file;
  4. Start or restart Pidgin;
  5. Go to “Tools/Plugins”, enable “Toolbar’n’Statusbar”.

Installing for Windows:

  1. Download (133 KB);
  2. Extract to the directory where you installed Pidgin (for example, C:\Program Files\Pidgin);
  3. Start or restart Pidgin;
  4. Go to “Tools/Plugins”, enable “Toolbar’n’Statusbar”.

Version 1.14 09/08/11:

  1. Polish translation (thanks to Krystian Maksymowicz).

Version 1.13 21/11/10:

  1. French translation (thanks to Louis SCHEIDT);
  2. Bugfix in Plugin settings.

Version 1.12 12/11/10:

  1. Support system-style toolbar;
  2. Adjustment style of the toolbar;
  3. Adjustment icon size of the toolbar;
  4. All toolbar icons – themeable;
  5. Redraw toolbar icons

Version 1.11 06/09/10:

  1. Added check for mood support by protocol (thanks to Siggi0904);
  2. Changed tooltips of account buttons;
  3. If mood has an icon, it displays in the “Set Mood” item in the status menu;
  4. Added button on toolbar which switch the look of contacts in the list – with the details or not;
  5. Added a new tab “Info” to Plugin settings

Version 1.10 17/08/10:

  1. Fixed German translation (thanks to Siggi0904 and Dirtsa);
  2. Added menu item “Set Mood” in the status menu.

Version 1.9 08/07/10:

  1. Fixed build script from source – translations;
  2. Fixed deb-package – install directory;
  3. Fixed German translation (thanks to Siggi0904 and Dirtsa);
  4. Czech translation (thanks to Lukas Francalek);
  5. Reaction of the main menu on the “focus-out” event if menu is hidden (thanks to Konrad Gräfe for some ideas and code);
  6. Added Ctrl-key to activate the main menu if menu is hidden (thanks to Ostin for the information about the error with Pidgin hotkeys);
  7. Added a setting method of changing the status – a status menu or through Statusbox;
  8. Again, it is possible to disable avatar in Statusbox (thanks to Siggi0904 and Dirtsa for idea);
  9. It may be open only one instance of status text input dialogue;
  10. From the context menu is now possible to open only one instance of the “Configure plugin” window;
  11. Opening the “Configure plugin” window on the last open tab;
  12. Some other fixes.

Version 1.8 20/05/10:

  1. Now possible to install the plugin in ~/.purple/plugins. In this case, the icon files should be located on the path ~/.purple/pixmaps/pidgin/buttons (thanks to Andreas for idea and code)
  2. Fixed a bug with the lack of translation if plugin was bulid from source
  3. [Maybe] Fixed a bug where statusbar could not be removed when it was needed (I did not see this) (thanks to Konrad Gräfe for information)

Version 1.7 15/05/10:

  1. Change of status through the menu, not through Statusbox
  2. Plugin settings are now implemented in the tabs (thanks to Konrad Gräfe for some ideas and code)
  3. Unread message icon converted into a button
  4. Changes in context menus
  5. Instead of icons GTK_STOCK_ADD now uses icons from the file
  6. Changes in icons filename (If you use your icons, rename them)
  7. Fixed problem with incorrect display of statusbar
  8. Removed buggy check for an already open preferences window
  9. Fixed a bug in the preferences window when buttons were available that were supposed to be not available
  10. Removed compatibility with older versions of GTK+

Version 1.6 16/04/10:

  1. Ability to display in the statusbar token status and active accounts;
  2. Now you can remove the main menu (F10 or Alt for show);
  3. Unread messages icon in the status bar (instead of the main menu);
  4. Add context menu when clicking on the empty contact list;
  5. Adding icons to context menus;
  6. Changes in translations;
  7. Many bugfixes.

Version 1.5 29/03/10:

  1. This version works under Windows (thanks to Konrad Gräfe for some ideas);
  2. German translation (thanks to Siggi0904 and Dirtsa).

Version 1.4 05/02/10:

  1. Add callback functions to “account-error-changed”, “signed-on” and “signed-off” signal;
  2. Fix possible memory leaks;
  3. Ability to configure the output as the status name, and its icons, combined with an icon of the protocol;
  4. Combining an icon of the protocol with the button status switching;
  5. Optimization of data structures.

Version 1.3 28/12/09:

  1. Rewrite function, that disable Add Buddy button and not enable sometimes;
  2. Add context menu to toolbar and statusbar;

Version 1.2 18/12/09:

  1. Many bugfixes;
  2. Spanish translation (thanks to Acidrums4);
  3. Ability to change the status for each active account;
  4. Toggle buttons now change icons depending of it state;
  5. Add Buddy button now disabled if no one online account;
  6. If account is offline its emblem is grey;
  7. Testing with Pidgin 2.6.4.

Version 1.1 08/12/09:

  1. Any changes in CreateStatusBox function;
  2. Create configure and make scripts;
  3. Button icons now locate not in ~/.purple/toobars, but /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin/buttons.

Version 1.0 06/12/09:

  1. First Public Release.

Links to pages on which I publish information about this plugin:

I want to thank everyone who help me to work on plugin: Konrad Gräfe, Dirtsa, Siggi, Christoph Miebach, Acidrums4 and others.
Without you the latest versions would not have been, and I, as fool, would play the Counter Strike 🙂

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