TooBars 1.12

The main change is that you can now customize the look of the toolbar. Also, now all the toolbars icons made in the form of custom images, and do not use the system stock.

Under Windows, the plugin does not want to run with more recent than 2.14, the version of GTK+. After the launch Pidgin he was not in the list of plugins, but on closer examination it turned out that the problem is some kind of function… In general, did not understand, gathered with 2.14 – and nice.

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Friday, 12 Nov 2010 Linux Ваш отзыв

TooBars 1.10.1

Updated version of the plugin under Windows, because there was no choice of emotions in your status menu. Now, this functionality is present.
The reason was simple – I have used in Cygwin too old version of Pidgin and libpurple.

Many thanks to Mario [aka Siggi0904] for a request to solve this problem 🙂

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Monday, 23 Aug 2010 windows Ваш отзыв

The new version of TooBars is ready!

Behind the plugin TooButtons has been updated and TooBars. Now he works in version Pidgin for Windows.
Making it compile and work properly was worth much less effort than expected.
It is noteworthy that as soon as last Friday managed to get the first working version, I got a letter in the mail from Mr. Konrad Graefe (hope I spelled his name as a mail message it shows up plain wrong), who sent his pre-compiled version of this plugin, all the files needed to compile and a short statement. He also proposed to install a new version of GTK+ library instead of the provisions to version 2.6.6. After this advice on the buttons panel earned. But I did not clean up some added directives, so this version should be the normal way and compiled under older versions of GTK+.
Also over the weekend came in the mail the localization file in German, signed Siggi0904 and Dirtsa.
Thank you very much for the help in the development and support! Nice to know that what began as something like a dubious experiment in programming exercises has become the form of a holistic project that needed people. Thank you!

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Monday, 29 Mar 2010 Linux, windows Ваш отзыв

New version of TooButtons. Now and under Windows!

Once able to compile Pidgin from source under Cygwin further was a matter of technique.
To understand how must work the script to build under Windows was not difficult (although the word “understand” is not quite true :)), but incidentally discovered bug in the build script package for Linux, which resulted after the first attempts to execute ./configure, make, sudo make install the system was installed package without localization, but when re-implementing ./configure, make, sudo make install in the same folder – already with localization.
I suspect that because of this error when installing the plug-in version 1.0 of the DEB-file labels on the buttons are not localized. And then to find reasons for this and I have spent the last couple of days. I do not know what I eventually changed (I changed, back rolled away, again, me … confused already), but in the end all magically working!

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Friday, 26 Mar 2010 Linux, windows Ваш отзыв

TooButtons could compile under Windows!

Last night, finally managed to compile Pidgin 2.6.6 under Cygwin. Unfortunately had to throw out the distribution of some protocols and a pair of seats had to edit sources…
But today, managed to get the first working version of toobuttons.dll. However, while the minimum version – without translations (English only). I decided to start studying the possibility of creating plugins for Windows with TooButtons because it is easier and it has known prototype. But then, when practice with “on the kitty”, grasp the TooBars.
Wait! And do not forget to promote the work of my brain, replenishing electronic purses (listed in the right column), or at least, visiting site and click on any banner.

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Tuesday, 23 Mar 2010 windows Ваш отзыв

Attempts to make Pidgin from source in Windows

Which day I bet, like a fish on the ice, trying to build Pidgin from source. Oh, and so I did, and some sort … While the result is a variety of errors in the process.
Marvel at the way the curve is written assembly process on the site Pidgin’a ( Start with the fact that the page is changing before our eyes, ie Yesterday was one thing today – the other, and ending frankly inaccurate information:

Pidgin depends on GTK + 2.14.7 (newer runtime versions can be used). The GTK + All-in-one bundle contains all of GTK + 's dependencies in one zip file. Download gtk into $ PIDGIN_DEV_ROOT/win32-dev/gtk_2_0-2.14.

It seems to me, or in the text above is missing the word “extract”?

In general, all sad and shit through: (

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Friday, 12 Mar 2010 windows Ваш отзыв

toobars + Windows = ?

In the near future versions toobars under Windows will not.

The reason is simple: I could not compile Pidgin under cygwin.
gcc.exe: Internal error: Aborted (program collect2)
Attempts to download different versions pidgin’a failed. As attempts to find a solution to this problem. Search finds many descriptions of similar problems but no solutions.

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Tuesday, 09 Feb 2010 Linux Ваш отзыв

Поддержите меня!

Если вы хотите отблагодарить меня, можете закинуть денег мне на хостинг.
Делается это просто: в любом терминале ищем провайдера "Masterhost" и указываем лицевой счёт c123759 (обычно без первой буквы).

А я уж постараюсь и дальше стараться! :D