Toobars 1.9

All known errors corrected, new – added 🙂
It seems to me that this version would be the last version, added a new functionality. In any case, yet I have no ideas more, to have this added to the plugin:)

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Thursday, 08 Jul 2010 Linux, windows Отзывов: 5

Maybe tomorrow – new version

I have just adopted a decision to quit wasting time trying to avoid the message:
GLib-GObject: g_object_unref: assertion 'G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed
under certain conditions, after creating the widget pidgin_status_box_new_with_account ().
It is clear that the error in the implementation of the widget (he did some unfinished, even there is no indentation, similar gtkblist-> statusbox:)), but for the past two weeks, as I have tried various methods to avoid the appearance of this message.
Else everything was ready, maybe tomorrow I will release version 1.9. Wait! 🙂

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Thursday, 01 Jul 2010 Linux, windows Отзывов: 2

Works in progress

Time categorically not enough work at work waiting for me from vacation and I had it to work 🙂
At the moment it became a little easier and work on plug-in continues.
Me is scheduled as follows:

  1. The solution to the deb-file, after installing the plugin from which the SO-file is not in the directory in which the general case should be.
  2. Adding to the output settings on the main menu option to disable menu appears by pressing Alt.
  3. Adding settings define how the change of status – through standard Statusbox or through the menu.
  4. Update German translation.
  5. Addition of Czech translation.

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Friday, 18 Jun 2010 Linux Ваш отзыв

Slight delay

Due to the sudden need to reinstall Ubuntu on my home PC, which resulted in notable dances with a tambourine (http://forum.ubuntu.ru/index.php?topic=93448.0), came a pause in the work. But the current system is practically given in a sane state.
To date, the plugin code has become easier, menus of choice status works fine, now Pidgin with the plugin takes memory 3 times less than earlier.
Now I’m thinking – give the new version number 1.7 or still 2.0, and 1.7 to a 1.6, with the old, “regular” statusbox, fix bugs and move a little polish?

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Tuesday, 04 May 2010 Linux Ваш отзыв

Work continues on TooBars

As promised, after a week break for all sorts returned to work on the plugin. In the nearest future the following changes:

  • Change of status through the menu, but not in an uncomfortable statusbox;
  • Grouping preferences plugin for the tabs (thanks to Konrad Gräfe);
  • There will be removed wry running checks when you open the settings for the presence of the window is already open window settings;
  • To be added to the optional radio button “show / hide the main menu;
  • Icon “unread messages” will be made not the usual icon, and the normal button.

List of plans can change in the process.

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Wednesday, 28 Apr 2010 Linux Ваш отзыв

Fuf! I managed!

I managed to upload a new version today. What can not but rejoice, because tomorrow if possible, may not be. And if it will be, will there be enough power? 🙂

In this release all sorts of tasty. But this is all the details on the background of plans for the next release, the chief of which – do change the status of human beings, through the context menu. But the new version I perturbation not earlier than one week – at work already ominously eyeing, at the forum server CS castigated for failing, in addition, I want to try to write a review of the illuminated keyboard. Reviews are not already written about five years!
Did you submit bug reports and suggestions. I can not promise that all will do, but strongly consider the proposal, I can promise you! 🙂

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Friday, 16 Apr 2010 Linux, windows Ваш отзыв


Continue to develop the TooBars. It’s like a snowball – you start to do one thing, a campaign comes to mind with new ideas, and old have to give up, and flew … And further, and more … The new code – new errors, change the functional – the new errors. On the other hand – there are new solutions – is becoming more accurate code.

To date:

  1. The main menu can be removed from the preferences. If cleared, then it can cause the Alt or F10. Hide then – click the mouse or any key without Alt. From the appearance of rollover (as is done in the plugin blistops) refused – too often get inadequate response.
    By the way, but I have the transition in the menu on the F10 and then the keyboard will not open the menu?
  2. A menu appears when you click on the empty place on contact list window. The menu is: Add the contact, “Show” and “Sorting” (with all its contents from the main menu), and Accounts, Plug-ins and Preferencies. The contents of the menu, as well as the fact of its existence is not configurable.
    Perhaps screwed as a possibility to change the status, then it will be clean and the menu and toolbar with statusbar … Or will it be in the next version?
  3. Now you can customize the output in the status bar of the main status separately and each of the accounts – apart. For each of the settings – individually include the withdrawal of title status.
  4. Added icons to context menus.
  5. Detected an error when trying to change the sound mode from the context menu in the tray client – the client hangs and falls out. Closer inspection revealed that this is a consequence of incorrect operator gtk_toggle_tool_button_set_active (), in particular as a function DrawToolbarIcon. If it prescribe an explicit “TRUE” or “FALSE”, then it works, but is somehow complicate the code – and all fall apart.


  1. Refinement already implemented functionality, editing localization files and release.
  2. Replacing the current method of change of status for more… sane through the menu. But this means not only adding a few procedures, but also change a great number of already written code. While inclined to defer to the next version.

Do not forget to click on the banner on http://avremont.ru! You do it – easy, but I am glad – even hosting repaid 🙂

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Friday, 09 Apr 2010 Linux Ваш отзыв

Further development TooBars

Day after day, all my free time devote further develop this plugin.
What is being done or being done:

  1. Found and corrected some errors, which do not affect the plugin, but can clog up a debug console.
  2. Another attempt to delete a memory leak after switching off the plugin (though just now noticed that some plugins stop after not even quit! ;)) – The result has not been verified.
  3. Added ability to disable in the interface menu …
    Faced with the problem that simply borrowing the code from the plug blistops not rent – I have a different structure of the contact list, and the solution of the problem lasted 3 days. Make switching the menu button on the toolbar, as suggested by Konrad, did not want. I want to and when you hover the mouse menu pops up, and by pressing the F10… At the moment trying to figure out how to remove the menu when focus is lost window contacts list.

What is planned:

  1. Context menu from scratch list of contacts, which could adjust the appearance of the list and get access to some client settings.

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Tuesday, 06 Apr 2010 Linux Отзывов: 8

Первый релиз нового плагина

Плагин добавляет кнопки “Отправить” и “Закрыть” в окно беседы.


Из задумок – прикрутить к этим кнопкам функционал, соизмеримый с аналогичными кнопками QIP’а. Во всяком случае в части касающейся закрытия бесед.

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Sunday, 03 Jan 2010 Linux Ваш отзыв


Пока общественность тестит первую версию плагина надо бы подумать над планами на будущее.
Просто чтобы потом не забыть 🙂

  1. TooBars: Возможность изменения статуса каждого из активных аккаунтов.
  2. TooBars: Проверить совместимость с Pidgin 2.6.4.
  3. TooBars: Сделать deb-пакет.
  4. TooButtons: Написать плагин, который бы создавал под окном беседы панель с двумя кнопками – “Закрыть” и “Отправить”. Текущая реализация кнопки “Отправить” плагином SendButton уёбищна и не решает проблемы отсутствия кнопки “Закрыть” для владельцев сенсоров.
  5. ManualSize: Переписать плагин, позволяющий менять пропорции окон сообщения и истории, дополнив его вертикальной распоркой, запоминанием установленного значения и т.п.
  6. SmileHotKey: Переписать плагин, добавив настройки привязки хоткеев и смайлов.
  7. Подумать над возможностью изменения пометки контакта в списке контактов, от которого пришло сообщение, т.к. в последних версиях Pidgin он никак не помечается.
  8. Подумать над возможностью отдельного оповещения в системном трее для каждой беседы, в которой есть непрочтённые сообщения, чтобы можно было прочитать только сообщения от конкретного контакта.
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    Monday, 07 Dec 2009 Linux Ваш отзыв

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