Now Listen userbar

Now Listen userbar – userbar which shows the name of a melody listened now

PNG image file is generated every minute.
Has a number of settings, such as:

  1. Arbitrary sizes (by default 450 x 64);
  2. Possibility of use of the image of the PNG, GIF or JPG formats as a background (then the sizes specified in the previous point, are ignored, and the sizes of this image are used);
  3. Ability to specify a background color if the image is not used, by default – transparent;
  4. Optional display album artwork (noticeably slows generation userbar);
  5. Setting queue depth listened tracks, maximum 3;
  6. Opportunity to lead round userbar a frame of any color.

Minimum requirements for the creation of the userbar:

  1. Account existence on the;
  2. The established skrobbler of and a player supported by it, or a player with third-party expansion for a skrobbling (for example foobar2000);
  3. Well, and I have to add your login of the service in the configuration file of a script.

If you want this userbar, write me a letter:

Поддержите меня!

Если вы хотите отблагодарить меня, можете закинуть денег мне на хостинг.
Делается это просто: в любом терминале ищем провайдера "Masterhost" и указываем лицевой счёт c123759 (обычно без первой буквы).

А я уж постараюсь и дальше стараться! :D