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Looking for second jobs

I would be happy to discuss the proposals on work in their spare time.
So, for example, can perform the technical processing of images at a price of $ 2 per image 🙂

And I’m a good optimizer and the author of many methodologies which working the F-Center.
It is easier to list something that I would not have the relationship than that to which he had. Methodology of photographing the goods? My child. Methodology of processing these images? Too. The current format of the technical descriptions of the goods? My. Format names of the goods? Aha. Filters in the price list? They, too. And the system Discussions of goods and Reviews, Articles about goods, algorithm to check the compatibility of components for the Configurator (but NOT its interface!!! :))…

And even a business plan of our online store, I wrote.
Of course, it would be impossible without a lot of other people who took part in the discussions, implemented, these (and many others) services. But that is applied questions.

In general, if you have any ideas how I can be mutually beneficial to use – contact me 😉

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Sunday, 10 Jun 2012 Linux Ваш отзыв

Поддержите меня!

Если вы хотите отблагодарить меня, можете закинуть денег мне на хостинг.
Делается это просто: в любом терминале ищем провайдера "Masterhost" и указываем лицевой счёт c123759 (обычно без первой буквы).

А я уж постараюсь и дальше стараться! :D