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TooButtons 1.2 for amd64

Completely forgotten, I compile DEB-file for amd64 platform!
Who should – take it at the Plugin page.

Let me remind you – this plugin adds “Close” and “Send” buttons to the conversation window, which is useful for owners of netbook and tablet with touchscreen. And it looks to be more sanity than the native plugin – Send Button;)

Thursday, 23 Dec 2010 Linux Отзывов: 2

TooBars 1.13

The new version of this plugin. Changes in functionality are minimal, adjusted something in the settings window. Main – added French language, thanks to Louis SCHEIDT!

There is some problem with the deb-files on the site, so keep them through the right mouse button. Tomorrow will correct.

Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010 Linux 1 отзыв

TooBars 1.12 for amd64

Available for download deb-package TooBars 1.12 for the amd64 platform.

Tuesday, 07 Dec 2010 Linux Ваш отзыв

Поддержите меня!

Если вы хотите отблагодарить меня, можете закинуть денег мне на хостинг.
Делается это просто: в любом терминале ищем провайдера "Masterhost" и указываем лицевой счёт c123759 (обычно без первой буквы).

А я уж постараюсь и дальше стараться! :D